Luster Lace Polishes manufactures polishes and cleaners including the Famous LUSTER LACE™ Metal Polishing Strips, the only patented metal polish system on the market. LUSTER LACE™ Polishing Strips clean and polish 360 degrees around so you don't miss a spot.

Luster Lace Polishes manufactures Luster Pad Metal Polish, Super Pad Metal Polish, Luster Seal Polish & Sealant, Revitalizer, Chrome Polish, Instant Detailer, Bike Wash, Paint Polish and Satin Magic. Our dedicated team is in a constant state of research and development to bring you the best new products.

We take pride in formulating and testing all of our products so you can spend less time cleaning and more time playing. We are proud to say, "Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!"

We are proud to offer new Laser Alignment Tools from Profi Products of Germany.
In order to keep your machinery aligned, precision instruments with dead-on accuracy are necessary.

Available in configurations for Chain/Drive Motorcycles or Equipment, Wide Tire Motorcycles and ATVs.

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